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The Via Dolorosa (“Sorrowful Way”) is the street starting from Lions’ Gate and ending near the Holy Sepulchre, which should follow the path Jesus walked while bearing his cross. Bernardino Amico added the whole section of text and images about this street only in the 1620 edition. In this passage, the author carefully compares the story of the Passion as told in the Gospels to other material evidence (such as epigraphs) and previous writers’ opinions, showing himself to be a serious historian. However, Amico does not hold back in trying to seriously and devotionally relate to the scene, like when he writes: «The most holy Mother met with her only begotten Son, bearing the Cross on His scourged and broken shoulders in the company of two malefactors. The sorrow, the piety and anguish that sprang up between them was such and so great that I do not believe that they had the satisfaction of being able to say even one word to each other: and this methinks was one of the great sorrows that the Virgin Mary could have had. On this, however, I leave every good Christian man and woman to mediate and contemplate, for if they do this, they shall reap I do not say one but many benefits for the salvation of their souls» (1620, fol. Q2v and Plans, p. 82).

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The related image (plate 21, though mistakenly numbered 19 in some copies) shows the reconstruction of part of Pilate’s palace, based on evidence that could be seen in Amico’s time. Please note the addition of human figures who both vitalize the scene and provide an easy way to understand the proportion of the real spaces and dimensions.